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Birds of Prey Experience

Birds of Prey Experience

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STEPScic today hosted a birds of prey experience for our attendees and also welcomed Oakfield College and members of the local community to join us at Rose Bridge Community Club. Gareth from Hawksrus was very educational and interactive, ensuring that everyone was able to touch, hold or fly a bird of prey if they so wished.  Everyone enjoyed getting up close and personal with an European Eagle Owl, a Tawny Owl, a Little Owl, a Frog Mouthed Owl and a Barn Owl.  We would to thank Gareth for creating a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it was fantastic to hear one of our attendees commenting ‘I was scared before but not now’. We would also like to thank Sheila, Megan and Margaret at Rose Bridge Community Club for the use of the facilities and for providing refreshments.


One comments


November 22, 2018 at 11:27 am

Brilliant, brilliant ,my son was petrified of birds ,I was amazed to see the photos of him with the birds of prey fantastic

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