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Monthly ArchiveAugust 2019

Gardening Project

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The last couple of months has seen our attendees fully involved in the development of our new garden area.  Supported by our experienced, qualified Joiner some of our attendees have produced the planters in our wood workshop, whilst others have filled them with soil and finally our gardening enthusiasts have planted them with a range of plants and deep root vegetables ready for the spring.  It’s fantastic to see each individual contributing to a larger project which creates meaningful outcomes for all involved.

Hairdressing Skills

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Hannah and Katie have been working hard to develop their skills and knowledge in our on-site salon. Our training heads have enabled them to practice sectioning then winding hair onto rollers to create body and curl.  They are working with confidence whilst also demonstrating their knowledge of the basic structure of hair and the tools and products required. 

Accredited Learning Success

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It’s with great pleasure that we celebrate the success of our attendees in their recent accredited learning achievements.  This year attendees have been successful in attaining through Open Awards Entry Level 3 Awards in ‘Independent Living’ and ‘Skills for Further Learning and Employment’, with outcomes in Building and Construction, Hairdressing, Vehicle Cleaning and Food and Drink Preparation.  Each learning journey starts with the creation of the attendees Flightpath.  Flightpath has been created by STEPScic to support each individual on a journey of achievement towards their primary goal or aspiration whether that be employment, independent living or personal development.  For some, accredited learning is part of that journey and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each attendee for their hard work, commitment, positive attitudes and achievements as they make great strides towards their personal goals. We would like to thank Wigan Warriors RLFC, Liverpool Football Club, Professional Jockey Harrison Shaw and friends of STEPScic for their messages of congratulations of which the attendees were delighted to receive. 

Work Experience

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Our fully equipped wood workshop provides our attendees with simulated work experience in which they are able to learn real life work skills i.e. practical work and health and safety skills as well as transferable employment skills. Our staff are highly trained, not only in care but also in wood and industry. This makes for a unique environment which is highly beneficial for the attendee, enabling them to achieve fantastic outcomes whilst developing confidence in themselves and the workplace.

Mixed Media Flowers

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Our budding artists have demonstrated excellent blending techniques to create three-dimensional form in their colourful, mixed media flowers.  A huge congratulations to everyone, their hard work has paid off and the effects are stunning.

Textile Pumpkins

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Pumpkins have inspired this week’s textile sessions with large and small fabric pumpkins being made.  It’s fantastic to see skill development in the use of the sewing machine as well as increasing confidence in textile techniques.  Some attendees have used their pumpkin creations in their Halloween floristry displays to stunning effect.  Our in-house activities are delivered by our highly skilled staff, providing a fantastic range of opportunity to enable our attendees to reach their potential.

Spanish and Photography

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Wow! Its fantastic to see our attendees using their photography skills and learning the Spanish language.  Delivered by our in-house Spanish teacher and with a focus on colours and rooms, they have captured everyday images and matched them to Spanish vocabulary. Bien hecho to everyone involved.

Autumn/Halloween Inspired Wreaths

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Our attendees this week have been creating Autumn/Halloween inspired wreaths. They have demonstrated a range of skills, manipulating fabric and adding decorations for their desired effect.  I’m sure that you will agree that the results are absolutely stunning.

Travel Training Success

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Accessing public transport allows people to become more independent and assists in helping to overcome challenges, removes barriers and provides greater access to explore the communities in which we live. Simply getting on a bus is what most of us take for granted, however for some there are various barriers and challenges to overcome. Jason wanted the confidence to travel independently, therefore with our support we engaged the services of Embrace Wigan and Leigh’s Travel Training Programme. Three weeks later and after support from a travel trainer who assisted Jason with a programme designed around Jason’s lifestyle, Jason has grown in confidence and is now using public transport independently to travel to our service. This is an outstanding achievement, well done Jason we are all proud of you. #embracewiganandleigh #wigancouncil #TheDeal

Socially Distanced Sport

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Our ongoing relationship with Rose Bridge Community Club provides us with exclusive access to a fantastic space where we are able to facilitate socially distanced sports sessions no matter what the weather.  This ensures that we are able to promote varied regular exercise in-house as part of our ongoing health and wellbeing sessions.

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