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Please find below several testimonials from parents/carers of STEPScic attendees and from a student of Oakfield College;

“My son started at STEPScic in the July of 2017 after being at a Special Needs school/college for 15 years.  It has been a hard year for him but the staff at STEPScic have been with him, guiding him and encouraging him to help him to settle in to his new daily routine.  The staff at STEPScic have listened to him and ourselves to understand what he likes and doesn’t like in order to help him to reach his full potential in what ever he chooses to do.  They have made a weekly diary which helps him visualise what he is doing on a day to day basis, this has really helped him to settle.  STEPScic has helped him grow into an independent thinking young adult.  My son has for the first time attended a celebration without using his headphones that he uses to block out noise and distractions that can trigger a distressed episode, this would have been unimaginable 12 months ago.  Thank- you to all at STEPScic, it’s been a great 12 months and we’re looking forward to the future with renewed hope.”    Parent of STEPScic attendee


“Our son has been at STEPScic for six years, after a short unsuccessful spell with another service.  Previously, he attended special needs school and college all his life.  During his time with STEPScic he has achieved numerous awards for learning independent living skills along with woodworking projects.  This has made him a confident, independent young man who is enjoying life.  All this is down to the staff at STEPScic who have listened to what he wants to achieve and encouraged him with support to reach his goals.  Thank you to all at STEPScic for the support you have given us and our son, long may it continue. ” Parent of STEPScic attendee.


“Our son has attended Steps for two years now mainly at the Golborne centre. He has always been made to feel very welcome by the kind, supportive and encouraging staff. The relaxed atmosphere created is just right for him to develop skills at his own pace. He has built bird tables, bird boxes, planters and even a bench. He has proudly presented these to friends and family and this has greatly enhanced his self-esteem. Thank you Steps.” Parent of STEPScic attendee.


‘Thanks for inviting me to the taster day I really enjoyed it I would like to come here once or twice a week when I leave Oakfield it is a fantastic place thank you.” Student from Oakfield College.

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