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We are a vibrant, professional and forward thinking service, where the achievement and personal development of each individual is recognised and celebrated. We believe that all of our attendees deserve the very best opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential.

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Open Awards Success

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We are pleased to announce that all our attendees have achieved success in this year’s Open Awards courses.  Certification will be awarded in the areas of, ‘Food and Drink Preparation’, ‘Gardening’, ‘Art’, ‘Woodwork’ and ‘Washing and Valeting a Vehicle

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18th April 2019 No Comments

Liverpool Stadium Tour

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The Liverpool anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ rang in our ears today as we took a trip to Anfield.  Being a club that is decorated in history with league titles and champions league to name a few of their trophies, our attendees thoroughly enjoyed finding out about

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10th April 2019 No Comments


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Move over Paul Hollywood! Our bakers this week have risen to the challenge of creating mouth-watering sweet treats.  Chocolate cakes, cookies and scones have been created with our bakers demonstrating a range of skills in the kitchen.  It was a difficult albeit enjoyable

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