About Us

STEPScic is a service for male and female adults with a learning disability.  Established in 2011, It was the first of it’s kind to be set up in the borough of Wigan.  Our complex in Ince, offers a wide range of opportunities to support employment, independent living and skill development.  Each individual receives a service that is bespoke to their needs and aspirations with progress being developed through our Flightpath model. Accredited and non-accredited learning is offered to support the development of the individual.  Our staff have a wide range of qualifications, skills and expertise that ensure that we are able to provide a wide range of high quality structured sessions in-house that enable the individual to progress in a wide range of areas.

Our main building has recently been refurbished with a bright, modern interior, it comprises of a spacious hallway that leads to a large kitchen and dining room, a social room with pool table, a fully equipped art room, a hairdressing salon and a TV room with games area.  A wide range of activities are available from this building and are chosen by the individual.  Areas of choice may include sport and leisure, art, design and photography, hair and beauty, textiles, floristry, food preparation, gardening, vehicle cleaning and visits to areas of interest. Our sport sessions take place just a short walk from our main building at Rose Bridge Community Club, where we have access to a large indoor sports dome.  This ensures that whatever the weather sports activities can take place.  

Our outside space has recently been re-developed and comprises of a polytunnel, raised beds, garden, patio space and wildlife area complete with pond and bug house.  This area enables individuals to grow plants and vegetables whilst also providing a relaxing and educational outdoor space.  

Our recently renovated and fully equipped wood workshop provides a work environment with all the facilities and equipment required to enable individuals to access a real life work experience.   Individuals are able to develop practical woodwork skills as well as developing knowledge and understanding of health and safety in the workplace.  

We can also provide work experience in our onsite coffee house.  The Coffee House provides work experience both in reception and at the counter serving drinks, cakes and pastries to the general public and local businesses.  This area enables individuals to develop customer service, monetary and health and hygiene skills. 

Individuals are also able to gain work experience in our onsite hairdressing salon. Working with members of the public, individuals are able to develop their customer service and hairdressing skills whilst developing their knowledge of hygiene and safety in the workplace.

We are proud to be able to offer so many opportunities at one location ensuring that each individual that attends STEPScic has got every opportunity to reach their potential.

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