New Wood Workshop Opens

We are proud to be able to announce the opening of our new wood workshop at our location at Ashland House Ince.  In one location we can offer real life work experience in our onsite wood workshop, coffee house, hairdressing salon and vehicle cleaning service.  Alongside this we provide a wide range of opportunities in sport and leisure, art, textiles, photography, gardening, cooking, baking and can provide accredited and non-accredited learning to support the progress of each individual.  Highly skilled support staff with professional skills lead each activity ensuring high standards of delivery.  Since 2018 STEPScic has seen massive development, our new Super Centre ensures that we are able to provide more choice and opportunities for growth and experience.  Ince born, Founder and Director Terry Mann is proud to have STEPScic Super Centre based in Ince, providing opportunities not just for the people that attend the service but also for the wider local community.