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Liverpool Stadium Tour

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The Liverpool anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ rang in our ears today as we took a trip to Anfield.  Being a club that is decorated in history with league titles and champions league to name a few of their trophies, our attendees thoroughly enjoyed finding out about their history whilst experiencing being in the home dressing room, press box, pitch side and we even sat in the world renowned ‘kop’.  We would like to thank Liverpool Football club for their hospitality and an unforgettable experience.


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Move over Paul Hollywood! Our bakers this week have risen to the challenge of creating mouth-watering sweet treats.  Chocolate cakes, cookies and scones have been created with our bakers demonstrating a range of skills in the kitchen.  It was a difficult albeit enjoyable decision for our taste testers but a huge congratulations goes to Paul for achieving this weeks ‘Bake Off’ champion.

Science and Photography

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Science has been the focus of our photography session today.  Having been inspired by the work of Felice Frankel, our attendees have carried out and photographed their own and each other’s experiments.  Everyone achieved success with some excellent images being captured.   A huge well done to Stephen for achieving ‘Photographer of the week’. 

Newsletter March 2019

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Please click on the link below to view our newsletter.

Wood Workshop

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Our fully equipped wood workshop enables our attendees to access a real-life work experience.  Some fantastic products are being created whilst attendees develop a variety of skills and knowledge.   We are very proud of their progress and their outcomes show their range of achievements.  A huge well done to everyone for all their hard work. 

Sewing Workshop

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As part of our textiles sessions our attendees have today been introduced to using a sewing machine. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and for their first achievement have each made a small pin cushion. A huge congratulations goes to Steven for being awarded Artisan of the week for demonstrating excellent control of his foot pedal.

Shrove Tuesday

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We celebrated shrove Tuesday by making some delicious pancakes. Lots of fun was had showcasing our pancake tossing skills as well as choosing and preparing our toppings. Well done to Steven, Paul and Jason they looked and tasted fantastic.

Batik workshop

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Our textiles workshops over the last couple of weeks have focused on the art of batik.  Having been inspired by the work of Christina Szabo we have developed our batik using the theme of exotic birds.  Our attendees have demonstrated good precision in applying wax and ink which has resulted in beautiful, colourful paintings on cloth.  We are very proud that we have been able to turn these fabrics into cushions and we would like to thank our experienced seamstress Joan McDonald for her support with this. 

Football Training

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Some excellent football skills were on display at training today.  Our football team are working hard to develop their skills through training drills and were able to showcase these in the game at the end.  A huge congratulations goes to Jack for being awarded man of the match and a well done to everyone for displaying fantastic team camaraderie. 


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An exploration of the theme ‘Disguise’ inspired our photography group to focus on celebrities and the paparazzi. We had lots of fun using clothing as a means of creating our own disguised celebrity whilst our cameras focused on getting that headline grabbing shot. We captured some fantastic photographs selecting just a few to present with some excellent results.

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